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Nutrition Response Testing


Dr. Bente has implemented a new service called Nutrition Response Testing. She has been studying and using nutrition in her practice for 30 years.

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing is the non-invasive system of analyzing the body to find the underlying cause of illness or non-optimum health. Dr. Bente uses the extraordinary properties of human cells to bring about healing… and health changes.

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Dr. Bente has been studying and practicing nutrition for the past 30 years. The combination of Chiropractic Care and Clinical Nutrition offers unique patient benefits. The Balance Body Chemistry Program utilizing Whole Food Nutrition helps patients implement changes based on their bio-individual nutritional needs. Clinical Nutrition programs will be personalized to each patient’s needs, partially based on scientific tests like blood-work and hair analysis.

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Introducing our Balancing Body Chemistry Program, through Whole Food Nutrition

This program is a unique and long-range plan of lifestyle and body chemistry balancing through the Four Area Concept.  This approach to health encompasses four important areas:

  • Mental/Emotional
  • Food/Drink
  • Exercise/Physical Activity
  • Structural Alignment

To start, the patient completes the Symptom Survey Questionnaire and the Daily Food Journal (Click for Forms). This allows us to see what food and/or lifestyle parameters could upset your body chemistry. We next examine the foundation of health from the Symptom Survey Form.  We review digestion, muscular-skeletal condition, sugar handling, endocrine system, cardiovascular system and the immune system. The Balanced Body Chemistry Program allows us to stop treating symptoms and instead treat and eventually eliminate the underlying cause or causes.


First visit:

We will process your patient information including

  • Medical History
  • Nutrition
  • Diet and Lifestyle Information
  • Symptom Survey

We will also perform a nutritional examination to be reviewed by computer-assisted analysis. The results will be discussed on your second visit. Any recent blood work will be reviewed along with any other tests. Additional blood work and hair analysis may be ordered.

Second visit:

A follow-up visit will be scheduled for 5-7 days later. We will review the results of all tests and let you know if we feel that we can assist you and whether we can accept you, as a patient.  If we do, you will receive:

  • Diet information and recommendations
  • Computerized evaluation of your Symptom Survey Questionnaire
  • A personalized program of whole food concentrates to help balance your body chemistry
  • A personalized nutrition and lifestyle direction for the following 90 days.

Your subsequent visits will depend on your progress and commitment to your program and to better health.

Since we can only recommend and suggest, the success of this program lies first and foremost with your commitment to follow through, short and long term.

Keep in mind how many years you have worked to create your symptoms that have become a part of your life.  Creating a new lifestyle is not simple.  It takes a team effort on your part, as well as ours.


For more than 90 years Standard Process has made nutritional supplements with whole food ingredients.  Following the philosophy of their founder, Dr. Royal Lee, the goal is to provide nutrients as they are found in nature.  The Standard Process formulas provide safe, high quality nutritional support with unique combinations of synergistic ingredients.


The Standard Process certified organic farm has more than 350 acres of nutrient-rich farmland. Using organic farming methods, they harvest many of the ingredients for their formulas right there.  Standard Process has zero tolerance for genetic modification and uses organic seeds or seeds harvested from their own organic crops, whenever possible.  Growing many of their own crops ensures they have quality ingredients from seed to supplement!


Standard Process takes great pride in their quality control program and works meticulously to guarantee the purity, safety and quality of our products. Their scientists, chemists, and microbiologists, perform as may as 1,100 tests on raw materials, in process batches and finished product. They meet demanding federal and state quality regulations as well as their own strict internal production and quality control standards.

Standard Process Nutrition

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